About Plumbing Tree & Team

We know that when you need to have service technician come to your home, it is not a decision that you want to rush. We are here to answer your questions and assure you that we are the best contractor for the job. Call, email or text us to let us know how we can help.

Meet The Team That's Here For You

Our Plumbing Tree Family

Freddy S

Freddy S.

General Manager

Has been a plumber since 2008 and started Plumbing Tree in 2013.

Before plumbing, he worked in various jobs dealing with sales and customer service until he obtained his first plumbing job and found his passion for the plumbing industry.

He’s a Christian family man who genuinely enjoys helping people.

Loves spending time in the outdoors and gathering with family and friends.

He is our Star Wars nerd!

Fernando A

Fernando A.


Has been with Plumbing Tree since 2017. 

Started as a laborer and worked his way up to becoming a plumber.

When he’s not working, he enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his family.

He used to train in Taekwondo for 16 years and loves Panda Express!

Angel M

Angel M.

Warehouse Manager

Has been with Plumbing Tree since 2019.

He is the vegetarian in our team.

Before working at Plumbing Tree, he used to work as a plumber for another company.

Him and his wife are expecting their first child this coming October of 2021.

Loves tattoos and dogs!

Gilbert M

Gilbert M.


Has been with Plumbing Tree since 2018.

Before working at Plumbing Tree, he used to work as a field technician supervising the team installing solar and wind power traveling all over North and South America.

He enjoys football and the Padres.

Has a big sweet tooth especially for carrot cake and never says no to food!

Mickey R

Mickey R.


Has been with Plumbing Tree since 2020.

Worked as a paramedic before becoming a plumber at Plumbing Tree.

He’s our other vegetarian in our team.

We always get amused by his knowledge of random facts.

He enjoys going shooting and loves Jamba Juice.  

Johanna S

Johanna S.

Office Manager

Has been with Plumbing Tree since 2020.

Worked as a manager for a men’s haircut franchise company for 8 years before working at Plumbing Tree.

She now owns her own studio as a barber and loves sports especially ice hockey and UFC.

Spending time with her daughter, dog, family, and friends is always important to her.

Loves to travel!

Flor S

Flor S.

Office Assistant

Has been with Plumbing Tree since 2015.

Before working at Plumbing Tree, she was a CNA and enjoyed working mostly with the elderly.

She is our team mom and does many different things to help all our team.

Enjoys hand crafting and sewing. And we all love when she cooks for us!

Miguel M

Miguel M.

Operations Manager

Has been with Plumbing Tree since 2019.

First worked at Plumbing Tree in 2014 as a plumber, then ventured off to explore other opportunities.

Before coming back, he worked at Solar Turbines as their I.T. guy but then decided to come back to us and became part of our support team.

He enjoys gaming, playing soccer, and watching the Padres!

Loves sweets especially donuts!

Mayra M

Mayra M.

Customer Relations

Has been with Plumbing Tree since 2019.

Worked in public service for 8 years for San Diego County before joining our team.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

She likes organizing, listening to mystery podcasts, music, cooking, and making floral arrangements.


Alex L.

Field Manager

Originally joined Plumbing Tree in 2016 and became a first-time plumber after being a Barber for about 5 years but then left after a couple of years to pursue other ventures. Just recently joined our team once again and we are elated to have him back to the Plumbing Tree team. Him and his wife are expecting a baby, and both are big Disney fans!

Tony Plumbing Tree

Tony N.


New to our team and happy to have him part of the Plumbing Tree family. Before Plumbing Tree, he explored various jobs trying to find his place including car sales and management in safety solutions. Definitely has a huge interest in the plumbing industry and is eager to learn it all. When he is not working he enjoys fitness, football, reading, and church. His favorite quote is, “The best moments in life are the ones you decide to create. Be passionate!”