We know that when you need to have service technician come to your home, it is not a decision that you want to rush. We are here to answer your questions and assure you that we are the best contractor for the job. Call, email or text us to let us know how we can help.


*Standard Hours Are Subject To Change And Will Vary During Federal Holidays*

Standard Hours

Monday - Friday
8AM - 6PM

OverTime Hours

Monday - Friday
6PM - 8PM
All Day Saturdays


Monday - Saturday
8PM - 8AM


Payment is due upon completion of work.  We accept cash, check & credit/debit cards.  Please be advised of additional 3% fee to invoice total for debit/credit card payments.

It is our standard operating procedure to call and be in constant communication with property owners while we are on the job.  We will always call before credit card payments are processed. 


Are you a homeowner, landlord or property manager that will not be there at the time of service completion?

We Have The Option To Pay By Card - Ask Us About Our Credit Card Authorization Form.


Quality means fixing the problem right the first time. We love seeing our customers however, getting it right is our top priority! Please ask about our warranty on labor.

We also believe that the quality of our parts goes a long way!  We have been working in the plumbing industry for well over a decade and we know what brands are better than others – below are links to some of our preferred brands.


In an effort to keep our rates low, we provide free estimates for MOST jobs over the phone.  Just a few simple questions and we can have a good idea of what the problem is and what it will take to fix it.  We also utilize photos to help with giving our estimates over the phone.  If a job is more complex and requires a more thorough diagnosis, we will be more than happy to come out and do the estimate in person.  For any estimate that requires tools, accessing a crawlspace or attic or requires removing drywall we will have a one-hour minimum for our visit.

We have also found that completing estimates over the phone saves our customers time and removes the added pressure from making a decision too quickly.


Hard water is composed of minerals containing calcium, magnesium and sometimes iron. Most San Diego homes and businesses have hard water running through them.

While each home is different, we do know that the hard water in San Diego drastically reduces the lifespan of many pipes and plumbing fixtures.  If you are interested in prolonging the the health of your home’s plumbing, we suggest a whole-house water filtration system from Halo.

If you receive your water bill from the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department, you may qualify for the following rebates, please see links below:

PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) Replacement

SoCal Water $mart Rebates – including toilets & washing machines

San Diego Gas & Electric Rebates – including rebates for water heaters


We understand that finding a plumber to perform work on your new home is important to you.  The entire home buying process is finally behind you, but now there are necessary changes that you would like to make.  Here is Plumbing Tree’s process when completing quotes from inspection reports:

  1. Schedule Office Time for Plumber.  We want to ensure that our plumber has no other distractions and that you are his priority during the evaluation of your home’s potential projects.

  2. Review the Home Inspection Report.  Each inspection company has a different method and it is important to note that while your inspection company may be amazing at the overall condition of your home, they are not plumbers.  Due to the photos and descriptions that the inspectors provide, Plumbing Tree may or may not be able to give a quote on all items in your report.  Also, there are some items that may always require a visual inspection.  For instance, cast iron replacement or re-routing water/waste/gas lines.

  3. Provide a Quote.  Plumbing Tree field team members will do their best to provide you with an estimated time per project and the estimated cost for parts per project.  All quotes will be given in an approximate time range. Our range is based on our plumbers 10+ years experience with similar projects and their average time to complete.  Not all homes are made the same! Your project may take less time, but there is also the possibility that once we start a project, your home may have more uniqueness that equals more time needed to complete the project.  Plumbing Tree will also be in constant communication with you about the possibilities of the higher cost.

If you have any additional information or would like more clarification, please let us know 619.618.5700 or email [email protected]