When your water pressure is high (or low), it can significantly impact the health of your plumbing system. In worst-case scenarios it can cause sudden leaks that impact your daily life.

Taking preventative measures is a priority, especially in San Diego County. NOTE: High water pressure is required so the water districts can distribute water properly regardless of elevation and number of properties.

So what causes high water pressure?

According to plumbing code, Pressure Regulating Valves or PRV’s for short, are required to maintain pressure below 80 psi. If they are faulty they will allow high water pressure to enter your water supply system. In addition, if your water heater is not equipped with an expansion tank, it will cause water pressure to rise as the water heater is heating water.

What causes low water pressure?

The most common issue is debris obstruction at the fixture or valve. Sometimes removing shower heads and aerators, cleaning the screens, flow-restrictors, replacing angle stops, water shut-off valves, and cartridges can solve these issues. Othertimes, a faulty PRV will also cause low water flow as well. In rare cases, undersized water lines will be the source of the problem.

What do you do if the pressure is too high or too low?

As you can see, a seemingly small issue can have an array of solutions depending on the source of the problem. This is why we offer Plumbing Health Inspections (PHI) to help determine possible problems before they become bigger. The PHI is designed to equip our customers with valuable information regarding the plumbing health of their home.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, give us a call. With over 700 reviews across all platforms, and holding a 5-star rating, our customers trust us.

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